• For light fecal incontinence; Protects underclothes from staining..
  • Used in hospitals under the name A-R-D..
  • Unique butterfly design stays in place without tape or adhesive..
  • Excellent for applying topical ointments or as post-surgical anoperineal dressing..
  • Thin, flushable and discreet; sized 3.5 x 5 in..
  • Imported from USA.
For mild anal incontinence. Absorbs mild anal leakage commonly associated with incontinence, hemorrhoids, surgery, diarrhea and injury relating to childbirth. The unique butterfly shape folds for comfortable fit, keeping pad in place during normal activity. B-Sure Anal Leakage Pads are a thin alternative to bulky diaper-like undergarments and provide a simple and effective solution to light fecal incontinence. Soft, smooth and lint-free, once in place these B-SURE Pads absorb and help prevent embarrassing fecal leakage.

B-Sure Anal Leakage Pads, Box/24 Pads