• About this item.
  • Based on a popular South Korean TV show, Me card Mecardimals offer thrilling, transforming fun! Now with Deluxe Mecardimals, kids can play out Me card action in head-to-head competition.
  • Launch Mecardimals vehicle to send it rolling onto a “magical” game card, and watch your vehicle instantly into a fantastical battling creature!.
  • Immediately after transformation, the new creature displays the card and players add to their scores based on numbers shown on the cards.
  • Each Deluxe Mecardimals comes with three playing cards: one bronze, one silver, and one gold.
  • Kids will love spending hours playing out Me card competition with exciting, transforming Mecardimals!.
  • Imported from USA.
Mecard is a new head-to-head action battle game based on the popular animated series. Now kids can play out Mecard action in real life with their own collection of Deluxe Mecardimals. Push your Mecardimal over "magical" cards to instantly transform from vehicle into fantastical battling warrior! To play the game, first peel off the sticker to reveal your Mecardimal's faction – red, blue or black. Then collect the points on the card that correspond with your Mecardimal's faction color. The player with the highest points wins the round! Includes one Deluxe Mecardimal and three game cards. Colors and decorations may vary.

Mecard Tanatos Deluxe Mecardimal Figure