• Fresh and potent - Perfect for tea's, tincturing and many other uses!.
  • Carefully weighed, packed and sent directly to your door, our herbs are the freshest around..
  • Comes in a USDA food grade bag, heat sealed for your protection..
  • Also available in 1 fluid oz, 2 fluid oz, and 4 fluid oz tinctures..
  • Imported from USA.
Our freshly dried Lobelia is 100% Organic (certified by Oregon Tilth) and 100% Kosher (certified by Earth Kosher). Precautions Because of its similarity to nicotine, lobelia may be dangerous to children, pregnant women, and individuals with cardiac disease. Excessive use will cause nausea and vomiting. For educational purposes only. ** BUYER BEWARE ** The information above only applies to your purchase when you buy from Ecstatic Earth. Any alternative sellers are NOT selling the item detailed above and will not provide you with the customer guarantees nor the lifetime support that Ecstatic Earth provides. There are NO authorized resellers of our exclusive products.

Organic Lobelia Dried ~ 1 Ounce ~ Lobelia inflata