• 🥊 FIGHT LIKE A PRO - Boxing and MMA Athletes around the world are using AcuraBall to improve their reaction times, Hand-eye coordination, and Striking Accuracy. Don't get left behind the curve of the latest and best training boxing ball available..
  • 🥊 DEFENSE IS THE BEST OFFENSE - Not only does AcuraBall improve your offense in the ring or octagon, it also fortifies your defense by Augmenting your sense of range, Striking Rythym, Footwork and peripheral vision. Dominate your competition and become untouchable..
  • 🥊 TRAIN ANYWHERE - AcuraBall is portable, light and durable. This means you can improve your fitness and fighting skills anytime and anywhere, whether you're training For an upcoming fight or just want the extra edge on your sparring partners, Acuraball will work for you..
  • 🥊 FUN AND EASY TO USE - Acuraball is easy to set up and begin training with and not only will you be improving your martial skills, but you'll also be having fun while doing it..
  • 🥊 ANYONE CAN USE - AcuraBall is suitable for kids, Muay Thai Fighters, MMA Fighters and Boxers. AcuraBall also makes a great gift for those involved in the striking martial arts..
  • Imported from USA.
Acuraball is the latest and greatest when it comes to the best Bang for your buck to improve your Boxing skills. AcuraBall is the perfect boxing ball tool for your training to improve your Punching accuracy, Hand-eye coordination, and reaction times. Weather you're an MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, or any martial arts practitioner. Putting only 10 minutes of practice a day you will begin to see and feel results, not only in your body, but also in the gym. The AcuraBall is light, durable and extremely portable, take your training anywhere.

AcuraBall - Boxing Reflex Ball For Boxing, MMA and Muay Thai Hand-eye Coordination Training. The Boxing Ball Improves Your Fight Fitness, Reflexes, Reaction Times and Hand Speed/Accuracy