• Height: 1m, length: to be selected; mesh size: 15mm x 15mm.
  • Overall weight approx. 280 g/m².
  • Material: UV-resistant high-density polyethylene.
  • Can be used as protective netting, slope reinforcement, anti-mole protection and barrier.
  • Colour: dark green - black.
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  • Imported from UK.
Price per running metre (1m wide, so 1m²) For example, if you would like 10 running metres, please select a quantity of 10. The anti-mole netting offers reliable and long-lasting protecting against holes in your lawn. With the ground level protective net you can avoid unsightly holes in your garden. The net is placed in the ground at a depth of 10cm before the new lawn is sown. With instant roll-out turf the net is placed directly beneath the new lawn turf. Alternatively, you can use the netting vertically around the edges of your garden. Directions for use: For using horizontally (when lying new patches of grass/lawns):- lay the rolls with a slight overlap of approximately 5cm. - Join the rows with ground anchors (also available) by placing them approximately 2.0-2.5m apart. - Lay the turf on top of the netting, or for areas with no turf simply cover the netting with a layer of soil (approx. 10cm thick) and sew grass seeds. For using vertically (when using over grass/lawns):- dig up a trench approximately 1 m deep, put the netting in the trench and fill it back up with the soil

Anti-Mole Netting Width 1m for Mounting Vertically (Price per Metre)